Summer Mini-Course: Focus On Eyes – COMPLETED

Two Consecutive Monday Classes: June 10th and 17th, 2019

9:30 am – 12:30 pm, downstairs studio

Oregon Society of Artists

$95.00 for two classes ($47.50 per class)/ $55 per drop-in class

Model fee included in price

Please register online at

Note: You must be an OSA member to register for classes.

Many artists struggle with painting the eyes in portraits and figures. We tend to paint our symbolic idea of eyes, rather than what eyes actually look like.

Working from the model, we will look at the shape of the eyes themselves, how they are placed in the skull, and the surrounding anatomical structures. Our goals will be to size the eyes correctly, and accurately see their shape while rendering a profile, three-quarter view, and straight-on view of the model

Bring the painting or drawing media in which you are most comfortable. Dry or wet media, black and white or color are welcome.

Note: This class is about structure and seeing. We will not be delving into color in this class.

Questions? Email the instructor at

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