Alla Prima Portrait Painting in Oils with Joanne Mehl – COMPLETED

Two seven-week sections:

Section 1: January 6 – February 17

Section 2: February 24 –  April 6

Oregon Society of Artists, Mondays, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, downstairs studio

$367.50 for each 7-class section ($52.50 per class) / $65 per drop-in class

Non-member price: $455 for each 7-week section / $70 per drop in class

Model fee included in price

Please register online at

Alla Prima is a wet-into-wet oil painting technique where subjects are painted quickly and in one sitting, like in plein air painting. This 14-week course is designed to develop Alla Prima Portrait skills from the ground up. Take both sections or choose the ones that reflect your skill level.

Section 1: January 6th – February 17th

We focus on accuracy in drawing, value pattern, and warm and cool color relationships as they pertain to flesh tones.

Section 2: February 24th –  April 6th

We continue working on these aspects of portraiture while introducing: wet into wet painting using thicker paint and brushes of different shapes and sizes, using brushstroke to define structure and form.

This 14-week course is appropriate for novice to intermediate skill levels. It will stress observational skills and construction, rendering anatomy, and composition. We’ll explore how drawing relates to painting, color and value, the effects of light and shadow, tonal methods, various modeling techniques, and how to manage a palette and mix colors.

• Drop in students are welcome!

Note: If class enrollment has not reached the minimum numbers by one week before the first class, the class may be cancelled. In this case all enrollees will be notified and their fees refunded.

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