First Summer, Gouache on Acid Free board, 6 x 8 (15 x 17 Framed)

I was struck by the interaction between this mare and foal. Certainly it was not unusual to see such affection between a mother and baby, but I wanted to capture this close relationship where they were so clearly each others whole world, and suddenly they are aware of being observed by the viewer.

“In the Pink”, oil on panel, 24″ x 29″

I’m so attracted to strong perspective that draws you into a painting, so I was bound to feel compelled to action by this composition.  The grey brick pathway of the Keeneland paddock leads the big bay, and the viewers eye, to where the jockeys are waiting to mount up before the next race.  I always …

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Like a Walk in the Park, 12 x 15, oil on panel

A post parade on a lovely sunny day, the coats of the young thoroughbred horses glistening as they dance next to their pony-horse escort, blue roan reflecting blue and violet in the sun while chestnut burns with cadmium red fire. Anticipation and excitement are in the air in advance of the physical test that is …

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“Stormcat Foal” Gouache on Acid Free Board, 10 x 9

Everybody loves a baby, but this particular baby is so full of self possession and confidence! I just couldn’t resist the chance to paint a portrait of this young prince, the descendant of a long royal line of extraordinary athletes and winners. I would just love to have taken him home, and this way I …

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“Checking the Tattoo”, gouache on 100% rag board, 11.25 × 8.5

I paint a lot of racetrack scenes for the international racing market. This is a sketch I did in preparation for doing a much larger oil painting for Crossgate Gallery, which is my gallery in Lexington KY. This scene caught my eye because of the bright sun, which caused everything to sparkle, and created an …

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