“Loudoun County Morning”, gouache, 10 x 8

Reflected light and color is fascinating to me, I love to render the myriad subtilties of it. So when I chanced across this Whip in grey tweed on her fleabitten grey, on a gleaming Virginia morning, I just knew I had to paint her and her stalwart companions. They nearly seemed to be a mirage, …

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“Waiting on Their Master”, gouache, 11 x 9

These beautiful foxhounds were waiting on the Master of Hounds, astride his chestnut before the hunt. There was an air of suspension. The game was not quite afoot, but all were ready. I couldn’t resist painting these beautifully and similarly colored hounds and horse, they seemed like such a team; which of course they are. …

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“Happy Hour”, gouache, 10 x 8

Post-hunt, these foxhounds descended on an inviting pond to quench their thirst. I thought it was quite a cheerful scene, especially with all those wagging arced tails, like corsairs bobbing across a rippling sea. SOLD

“Sunlit Ponies” Gouache on Acid Free board, 8 x 7.5″

One of my clients has a number of Icelandic Horses and over the years I have painted each one, so this is not actually a pony but rather an Icelandic Horse (emphasis on “horse”). They are beautiful creatures; sturdy little horses with bushy manes, in lovely colors like palomino, dun and white, They are strong …

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