“Rainy Day at Hanalei”, oil on panel, 6 x 8, (framed dimensions: 13 x 11)

24 May “Rainy Day at Hanalei”, oil on panel, 6 x 8, (framed dimensions: 13 x 11)

This day on the beach at Hanalei was rainy and blowing. The water was still that intense turquoise in places where patches of sun were hitting, but the sheets of rain were obscuring the homes and trees in the distance, and pulling at the group of sailboats pulled up onto the sand as if to take them back into the water again. Not your usual idea of sunny Kaua’i, but interesting in its own way. There were some of the usual discomforts of plein air painting, this time it was sideways rain with the droplets beading up on the panel. No worries though, oil paint doesn’t mix with water.

This Painting is sold framed and ready to hang.  The framed dimensions are 13″ x 11″ x 1.5″ deep.  If you want to purchase the painting without the frame so that you can choose your own, please email me. You can view a photo of the framed painting by clicking on the thumbnail of the piece in my online store.

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