“Kaneohe Bay from He’eia” , oil on panel, 12 x 8

He’eia is a park on a point that reaches out into the ocean on the North Shore of Oahu. It has a a view of Kaneohe Bay and the Ko’olau Mountains. The Ko’olau’s are an ancient volanic formation with deep dramatic valleys, forming a surface like curtain folds across the range. The sun hits them in the morning in Kaneohe and we had to leave Honolulu early in order to catch that morning light, otherwise the mountains would be in shadow later in the day. I found some convenient shade to paint from under some beautiful Monkey Pod Trees, with a view of Kaneohe and it’s restored Fishpond with the mountain behind. I had to work quickly, and it was a challenge to capture the light which was constantly changing as the clouds blew over the cliffs and obscured the sun. I enjoyed the large swooping forms of the mountains next to the tiny detail of Kaneohe town. The sunburn I acquired was a lesson in remembering that I have to sunblock whether I’m in the shade or not!

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