Kicking & Screaming

I think I speak for many people my age when I say that when the idea of this blog was first proposed I had to be dragged to it kicking and screaming. At least a few of my friends felt the same way about the idea of writing a blog. Maybe it’s something about our generation or about being women (which most of my friends are), or both. It just seems unseemly to talk about ourselves that much, at least on paper, to people that we don’t even know, as though every detail of our lives is interesting to anybody but our closest friends and family. We’d also rather be out there doing; living our lives, doing our work.

But, that said, I have to say that being forced to stop and reflect and put Joanne Mehl Blog Image thoughts into words has its rewards. I’ve never been that much of a journal or diary keeper, but, the thing is that our thoughts and experiences day to day are actually interesting, especially to others, but even to ourselves later down the line. I really do believe that as artists and individuals all that we really have to offer is our own unique view of the world. Whether it is in painting or writing or music, no one is going to see things exactly the way we see them, or make the same decisions about composition, color or brushstroke (whatever) that we will make. So while there might indeed be nothing new under the sun, the way we each express ourselves has truly never been seen before, that is, if we are being true to ourselves when we are doing it.

This is something that I always try to remember when I’m feeling defeated or lost, which is plenty of the time, and so with this thought in mind, maybe I can rationalize writing a blog, because my individual struggles as a working artist might actually be interesting to people who are not me. Especially now, because I find myself in a particularly challenging spot where I am marketing my work in a new way (as reproductions), and also starting several new bodies of work which involve approaching my work in new ways, with new media and in new environments. Suffice it to say that my old way of working isn’t working for me anymore in several respects and I have to find new ways that will work for me (more on this later). In other words, I am feeling a bit lost, but I do have some inkling about the direction to go and how to proceed, and I’m reminding myself that I am an individual and that my vision is unique, and will find my way if I stay true to myself.

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