“Amazon”, oil on panel, 16 x 24

Painting the figure is a skill that you have to keep sharp. This means spending hours in the studio with a model and not necessarily coming out with a finished painting. Often the result is a fragment; evidence of the artist working through an idea or approach.  Or sometimes it’s a new paint color,  palette or other piece of equipment the artist is getting used to. These resulting fragments can be interesting in and of themselves as a window into the artist’s mind and thought processes.  This study is an example of this. Here I am experimenting with the texture of the line and combining it with areas of color to get the feeling of the warm light on human skin while allowing the color of the wood panel to come through the paint, giving a warm unity to the image.  I think that the model’s pose and anonymity cause us to focus on her physicality, strength and solidity, like an architectural fragment broken from an ancient wall or fresco.

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