“Remembering Winter”, oil on panel, 18 x 24, (Framed Dimensions: 23 x 29)

In Oregon we have a long Winter. Sometimes when the Spring is cold, wet and late, it seems like Winter will never end. Here, like in the northern countries of Europe, you don’t stay inside when the weather is nice. Everyone finds a reason to be outside, even if it is to sit in the sun with your eyes closed and soak up the rays. In the Summer it is hard to imagine the cold dark grey of  December. Sitting with the warmth beating down on your face, the possibility of the frigid rain and wind seems incredibly remote. This painting reminds me of that moment when we are safe in the embrace of the sun, and the long cold season is so far away that that it can hardly be imagined.

This Painting is sold framed and ready to hang.  The framed dimensions are 23″ x 29″ x 1.25″ deep.  If you want to purchase the painting without the frame so that you can choose your own, please email me. You can view a photo of the framed painting by clicking on the thumbnail of the piece in my online store.

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