“Luscher Farm”, oil on canvas, 8 x 10

This is a quintessential rural scene from Oregon; the farm with farmhouse and big tall fir trees, green fields juicy with rain, clear blue sky. This type of scene is slowly disappearing from the Portland area, but is still common in the rainy, fertile western part of Oregon.

I was experimenting with the thick paint and contrasting shapes and brushstrokes while I was painting this scene, trying to focus while avoiding heat stroke out in that field. Dealing with the heat, sun, rain, wind, bugs, and dirt is always a challenge while painting en plein air, and keeping your mind focused on your painting and the finer points, well, that’s what it is about. So, I managed to stay focused on playing with all the varied shapes and colors in the treeline and in the clouds, and I think I was successful expressing the feeling of summer in Oregon in this piece.



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