“Storm Over Ha’ena”, Oil on Panel, 9 x 7

I sat under a rain shelter on the beach at Black Pot in Hanalei, Kauai while the mist and drizzle blew over me in waves. I was thinking “why am I here? Is there anything to paint?” But as I waited I observed the dark brooding clouds dropping their load of rain on Ha’ena. This was a cycle that repeated itself over and over: mist, rain, storm clouds, clearing, and lucky thing since there would have been very little to paint had the foggy white out conditions persisted. I tried to express the drama and the unusual light by waiting for those moments when the scene would clear and the sun would break through and light up an area of the opposite shore. I have to say that while I do love a sunny day and blue sky painting for the happy feelings that it inspires, I also love a stormy sky and broody weather painting that resonates with my inner inclement weather.

This painting is available through Black Dog Gallery, Kilauea, Kauai

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