“Sunlit Ponies” Gouache on Acid Free board, 8 x 7.5″

One of my clients has a number of Icelandic Horses and over the years I have painted each one, so this is not actually a pony but rather an Icelandic Horse (emphasis on “horse”). They are beautiful creatures; sturdy little horses with bushy manes, in lovely colors like palomino, dun and white, They are strong and are bred to carry adults. They have kind temperaments which make them ideal pleasure mounts. These particular horses live on the top of the mountain just South of San Francisco, CA. The sunlight there is so intense that it can literally dazzle your eyes. While the strong light and dappled shade in this painting give an impressionist feel, I was most attracted to the reflected light on the white coat of the horse, which creates such beautiful colors of gold and violet.


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