Take Your Equine Painting To The Next Level – COMPLETED

Join American Academy of Equine Art Signature Member Joanne Mehl as she teaches a special workshop devoted to this unique subject.

6364 Stuart Street Atelier
The Plains, VA 20198
Instagram: Jennifersimsart

7-11, 2019 (10 AM to 4 PM). $700.

Contact: Jennifer Sims:  JSims2332@aol.com or 202-550-2361.


Artists have portrayed horses over the centuries, and some of us love to paint them above all else. That requires the faithful depiction of horses in motion or at rest; as well as evoking the sublimity and drama of the equestrian world. Understanding the building blocks of good painting is key to creating successful paintings of these beautiful, storied creatures.

The workshop’s goal is the development of crucial skills to create such a painting.


Participants should bring either a current painting project, or reference photos to create a new painting. Joanne will help individuals identify, and work on, areas ripe for improvement.

We will focus on the following skills:

  • Choosing clear and effective reference photos.
  • Creating compelling compositions or improving existing ones.
  • Drawing anatomically correct horses and figures.
  • Establishing a clear value pattern to strengthen your composition.
  • Applying beautiful and harmonious color.
  • Utilizing “lost and found” edges to bring a sense of realism to your painting.
  • Exploring sophisticated glazing techniques to create glowing color and depth.

About Joanne Mehl:

Joanne Mehl is an accomplished figurative artist and horsewoman specializing in the painting of equestrian subjects and portraiture. While having a vivid impressionist feel, her work is grounded in the realistic depiction of relationships and scenes.

Her work hangs in the Kentucky’s Governor’s mansion, the Keeneland Library, and in numerous private collections. She was invited to exhibit at Morven Park’s Museum of Hound and Hunting art show, Year of the Hound, in 2018; and has sold paintings yearly in Keeneland’s Sporting Art Auction since its inception. She has also painted over 100 commissioned portraits over the course of her 35-year career.

If you would like more info on this workshop, please contact Jennifer Sims:  JSims2332@aol.com or 202-550-2361.

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