Studying Light on Form for Better Portraits and Still Lifes

February 27th 2023 – April 10th 2023

$35 per class  $245 for series

$40 drop in

$40 non member $280 for series

$45 non member drop in

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Studying how light renders form is integral to a classical foundation in drawing and painting. Understanding how light and shadow work helps create convincing form and volume in portraits and still lives. This is true whether you work in a realistic or painterly style.

Using charcoal as our medium, we’ll first study how light renders cubes, spheres, and cylinders; which will help us render the face’s complex forms. We’ll then proceed to the study of light on a plaster cast, and then finally to a live model. By the end of this class you should have a thorough understanding of how light behaves in the shadow and highlight areas, and how to utilize the invaluable effect of simultaneous contrast.

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About Joanne Mehl:

I’ve been professional artist and instructor specializing in figure painting and portraiture since 1985. For more about me, please visit:

Note: If class enrollment has not reached the minimum numbers by one week before the first class, the class may be cancelled. In this case, all enrollees will be notified and their fees refunded.

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